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Moor Insights & Strategy Podcast

Apr 9, 2022

Can you tell our viewers why Lenovo decided to create this organization and how it has changed the way Lenovo engages with its customers and partners? 


Lenovo SSG – Services-Led Transformation


What does Lenovo bring to the table that will allow you to compete with those incumbents in the managed services segment of the market? 


What was behind that move and what does it mean to Lenovo’s solutions and services customers?


Can you give us some color on what is really driving SSG’s growth? 


Tremendous Growth for Lenovo SSG in Year One


I saw that Lenovo recently released the results of a very interesting survey of CIOs that gives some great insights into the challenges that IT organizations are facing today. Tell us more about what you learned with this research. 


I’d love to get your take on what trends and transformations we should expect to see play out in the coming year. 


Disclaimer: This show is for information and entertainment purposes only. While we will discuss publicly traded companies on this show. The contents of this show should not be taken as investment advice.